Between Samos and Ephesus

The paper I presented at the International Conference on Education in Greece in 2011 on curriculum in England and Australia is now online. I presented an alternative curriculum model and a review of some of the issues facing the National Curriculum processes in place in England and in-train in Australia at the time. The ‘trade’ in education policy between the UK and Australia is quite marked and both systems seem to readily receive the failures of the other to implement on another group of educators. Now it seems it’s Australia’s turn to take on the machinery and the market place of a National Curriculum – interesting times. Few teachers I’ve spoken to here realise that the National Curriculum – ever sold as a UK thing – was abandoned by Scotland, was tossed out in Wales and never applied to private schools anywhere.

Can highly recommend travelling to Samos for this conference – a beautiful place and fabulous people. The trip across to Ephesus was a real highlight of my stay there – extraordinary. I thought the intact toilet system would capture the imagination of some students and this marble relief of Nike was exquisitely intact despite being nonchalantly propped up against a bank which looked rather prone to erosion..   A click on the paper ‘Is curriculum in Britain by design or by constraint? Rethinking National Curriculum in Australia and England’ will give you a downloaded copy

Nike marble relief at Ephesus, Turkey

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